Monday, March 21, 2011

Sophia Layouts

Hello Everyone!
Here are the Sophia layouts that I made for this months March workshop.  I hope you are inspired to create your very own.  These layouts cost a total of $55 plus tax and shipping, to make if you purchase all the items separate, however, if you join me for my monthly workshops, it's just $30!!!  All layouts are pre-cut, pre-stamped, pre-everything... All you have to do is assemble!


  1. Love love love your layouts! Prepare to be lifted :)

  2. Love your layouts, can not wait to get the instructions and supply list to order and start. Your an amazing artist and will be lifting this one for sure.
    Please send me your information when it is ready.

  3. Adorable layouts as always Corina! Love your rossette flowers and fan!

  4. I would love the instructions! I have you on google reader and look at what you've posted daily!

  5. FANTASTIC layouts!!! Perfect in every way :)


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