Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fanfare Layouts

Hello Everyone!
I'm a little late posting these, so sorry. But it's been a little overwhelming getting some extra artwork ready for convention and I'm planning some little surprises to my classes, so I've been working, working, working!!!

This is my favorite, I am loving the whimsy airy feeling you get when you look at it. I hope you like these layouts too, and feel free to shoot me an email if you have any Q's.


Monday, June 27, 2011

Irresistibly Sweet Blog Award

Today I received the Irresistibly Sweet Blogger Award from my dear friend Luisa Morgan. The minute I met Luisa, we hit it off and the rest is history.  She is a talented crafter and a wonderful mother and a super friend.  I can't wait to go to this years Close To My Heart convention with her! Oh the stories they will tell about us...

As part of receiving I have to pass this award on to at least 8 bloggers, write 7 random facts about you and link back to the person who gave you the award!

Here are the crafty blogs that I love to follow:

1. Lorrinda at
2. Karen at
3. Debbie at
4. Lisa at
5. Melinda at
6. Bren at
7. Yorline at
8. Jen at

7 Random Facts

I drink way too many cups of coffee
I have a new hobby "Extreme Coupon" shopping.
I love Scotch-mallows from See's Candies
I daydream of retiring in Côte d’Azur, France
I love to organize
My astrological sign is "Libra".

I am grateful for all these beautiful new friends that I have made through blogging and sharing my work.  Above all, I am grateful for YOU Luisa, for honoring me this sweet award.

Thursday, June 23, 2011

School Days Album

Hello Everyone!
I want to share with you all, one of my favorite things. This album is so cute and so practical that I have decided to make another version of it for my kids sports. The pictures to come soon!

Instead of flat paper pages, this album has envelopes for storing extra pictures, report cards, certificates, I even put a cd with all the pictures from the school year fieldtrips. My kids love to sit and look through all their things and NOW when they have something special they want to keep, they automatically put it in their album.

I can't tell you where MY school report cards are, or any of my school pictures to say the least! This is the reason I love this album...
My kids will eventually grow up and leave me... when that time comes, I can hand them all their school years in one neat little album.

This album belongs to my beautiful daughter Victoria.

Hope you like it!!!
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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

CTMH Product Spotlight "Relay Race"

Hi There Everyone!!!

This months spotlight is a little different, we have a "Relay Race".  We  started with an inspiration piece,  found in the CTMH  Idea Book, and took off from there.  If you are coming from Haley's blog, then you are in the right spot.  If not please start at Nikka Geers blog and see what the original piece looks like and visit the following blogs to see how the original piece of artwork changes from person to person.  All the participants only saw the piece before them, so their inspiration came ONLY from that piece.  The picture below was my inspiration and it came from Haley Dryer.

 Here are all the participants of the Relay Race, I invite you to see some pretty amazing artwork and all the different types of artist in the world of scrapbooking and card making.
1. Nikka Geers
2. Adeline
3. Haley Dryer
4. Corina Mitchell (ME)
5. Terry Metzger
6. Tamytha Jenkins
7. Jena
8.Tracy Oleksak
9.Vicki Wizniuk
10. Wendy
11. Kristie
Now please head on over to Terry Metzger's blog and check out what she created using my card as her inspiration.  I know you will love it too!!!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Missing In Action

Hi Everyone!

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that I am still alive and well.  The artwork for this years convention has taken a lot of my time.  It was not surprising to me that I went to bed at 3 am, 3:30 am and some nights, I just did NOT go to bed at all.  Some of my friends and fellow consultants have seen me create so it was no surprise to them that I stayed up all night.  So now that I've completed my artwork, I can get back to posting some tutorials and working on this month's layouts.

Thank you all for your patience and I am so super happy with what I created, I can hardly wait to share it with you all in August.

Big Hugs!!!