Saturday, March 31, 2012

CTMH: Sonoma Layouts

Here is the second layout for the Sonoma workshop. I've decided that I would use my name in the recommended area for your title.

TIP: Add little pearls to the ivy stamp on the top and bottom border.
The tag on the left hand side is perfect for journaling.

CTMH: Sonoma Layouts

The last time I posted the Sonoma Family Tree, there was only one tree. As you all know, I do make both pages of every layout. But for this layout, I made two trees, one for my husbands family and one for my family.

For the Rubio family tree, I just made the ovals for my parents and for the six kids. After careful consideration, I will be adding the spouses and kids to the tree, simply because some of my siblings did not have kids or did not get married. I was scared that it would look too crowded, but after I laid it out, it looked nice. My plans are to put them in shadow boxes and hang them in my house. But I have a feeling that after my family sees the final product, they are going to ask me to make some for them too...
For the parents I used Cocoa Ink to stamp the image, my husband and his brothers I used Pansy Purple, for the spouses I used Olive Green and for the grand kids I used Desert Sand. Also, the parents and the kids are on 3D foam tape, the spouses and grand kids are adhered directly to the cardstock, which makes it nice to distinguish family members. You may choose to use pictures in "Sepia" finish to add the layouts or you can hand wright the names and date of birth under the names, either one looks beautiful.
I will be adding more flowers to the them before placing them in the shadow boxes, I just did not want to add them before I took the pictures to for the blog, because the kit only included a certain amount of embellishments per kit. But as you know... scrapbookers will always have extra embellishments to add to any layout.

A note from me...

Hello Everyone!

So... How ya doin? I know, I know... It's been a very long while since I posted anything.
As some of you know, I have started with Scentsy and have been very successful at it, with a team of SIX in just four months. I think it works for me because there is not prep time before a party and with their Basket Parties, I can be in a lot of places at the same time. But enough about that...

The other reason, I have been missing in action is because my mother-in-law's breast cancer came back and I have been trying to be there as much as I can. Don't get me wrong, she is a strong, positive and funny lady. But I want to do rite by her and be there for her as much as she has been there for me.

Not only that, but another friend of mine, who happens to be my age was also diagnosed with breast cancer this month. She has an eight year old little girl, so with Spring Break upon us, I have been picking her daughter up in the mornings to hang out with us for the day. This way, she can rest and get herself ready for chemo and radiation after the surgery.

All of that and trying to keep up with my kids and household is just simply.... "Grateful"
I say grateful, because I am truly grateful that I have my health to be able to help my family and friends when they need help. Grateful that my kids and husband are healthy and are able to help me, help other people. Grateful for the lessons that are presented to me everyday and that I am able to appreciate them for what they are, good or challenging.

As my lovely five year old says, "Mom, all we need is inner peace to help our friends." I find inner peace through loving my family and friends and through creating. So I have some unfinished business with the Sonoma layouts, which I will post after this post. And I will be adding Stella and Wonderland layouts too.

I wish you all inner peace!