Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Close To My Heart changed their Mission Statement this year to a more updated version.  From, "We show you how to celebrate relationships through the art of scrapbooking and stamping.  Faster. Simpler.  Easier".  To, "We show you how to celebrate relationships through discovering your creativity, to preserve and share the moments that matter most.  It really speaks to the changing times in the Crafting Industry.  With digital scrapbooking and many people taking crafting to a whole "new" and "higher" artistic level, it is no wonder, Close To My Heart decided to move forward with the changing trends.

So with that in mind, I also have decided to change the name of my blog, it is no longer Scrapbooking Ink, it is now "My Creative Ink".  It is not about making layouts to save in albums... No, it's about tapping into the creativity you did NOT know you have in YOU!  Many people say... "I'm just NOT that creative".  Who the heck cares if you are creative or NOT.  If you enjoy creating with your hands and if YOU like what you make, then, you are making yourself and your spirit happy. 

It's just like the rainbow painted macaroni bracelet your kid makes for you at kindergarten.  When you see the big smile they have when they show it to you... WELL, then you know that you will cherish it for the rest of your life, because they made it especially for you and with tons of love!  Many times, I have opted to wear the jewelry that my kids have made for me, rather than my Tiffany diamonds.  Because their creations mean so much more than a silly old diamond.  Love has a silly way of making you change your mind on what is or is not "Creative", and I am willing to explore it some more. 

I hope you join me and maybe start throwing some of the old rules out the window, because ART is what YOU think art is.

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  1. What a wonderful start to this new journey! I can wait to join you on this trip of yours! HUGS


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