Sunday, October 17, 2010

Twilight Party Decorations

Hello Everyone!
A lot of you asked me to post pictures of the Twilight Party Decorations.  Of course I took hundreds of pictures, but here are just a few key pictures of some of my favorites.  Please feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions on any of the decorations!!! 

I want to personally thank my friend Carmella Haith-Gonzalez for helping me set up all the decorations the night before , for having a keen eye for attention to detail and for sticking around after the party to help me AGAIN and put things back the way they go.
To my wonderful husband Jim Mitchell for helping me by finding the dead trees and lugging them home all the way from Jamul, for cleaning the house to prep for the party and for getting into the Twilight mood and setting up the "Fog Machine and Strobe Lights" for the dance floor.  The girls loved having smoke and lights while doing the Freeze Dance game. 
Thanks to  Angel Limon for letting me borrow those huge diamonds on the trees and vases. 

And finally, but not least my sister Ruthy Betancourt for her vases, long stem glasses and going into Borders Book Store multiple times in one day, in order to use her 33% off coupon!!!!


  1. Wow! I'm speechless, Corina.
    You are so talented!!!
    I'm sure she had the best birthday ever.

    --Secret Twillight fan ;)
    ok, its me ,Aisha

  2. Wow!! Absolutely Amazing!

    (Team Jacob!!!!)

  3. Brittany just saw the decorations and wants you to teach me how to make everything so she can have it for her party in December. Then she added, "Good luck with that!" Maybe you want to rent it out??? You are SOOOOOOO TALENTED, Corina!!!

  4. Can i hire you for my next birthday? I'm thinking...Night At The Roxbury!! :)

    But seriously...amazing work...but where is all the Team Charlie (Bella's Dad) stuff!? That's my #1 guy!

  5. I love Edward and .... Corina! These party decorations are gorgeous and the best I've ever seen!! You rock girl!

  6. Your decorations are so pretty. I hope my mom can do something like that for my party in December.

  7. OMG!!! I am totally speachless...this is crazy!!! These decorations are beyond amazing!!!! Great Job

  8. I am amazed at your creativity and craftsmanship with each decoration. I love the vase full of apples and twigs (and the story of having your husband get you the twigs. The goblets are really cute too! The cupcakes are unique and the paper die for! Just the perfect touch for the cupcakes! I get a lot of enjoyment from looking at your creations! Good job!

  9. Wow! Astonishing!!! As always Corina, you are soooo creative!!!

  10. Wow!! I'm speechless, You are amazing artist. I woluld love to get in your creative mind:)) Thank you for all your beauiful work that you share with us.


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