Monday, July 2, 2012

Angry Bird Party Decorations

 Empty Scentsy boxes covered with grocery store paper bags
 Little pinatas from Tijuana, I just had to change their eyes because the eyes were just circle punches and did not look anything like the actual Angry Birds.
 I made vanilla and chocolate cupcakes with whip cream as the topping.  The cupcake stand are three party platters from Party City and two candle holders from Ikea.
 Cupcake toppers are cut circles from my Cricut, punches from my Stampin Up punch and Angry Bird cut outs on Popsicle sticks.
 Angry Bird wreath for our entrance.
 Our entrance with foam characters
 This just cost $4 to make... four beach balls from the .99 cent store, I used a sharpie to free hand the pigs on the balls.  Used acrylic white paint that I had from the kids art supplies for the eyes.  And all the boxes came from my fellow consultants that were kind enough to save their shipment boxes and I wrapped them with grocery store paper bags.
 My husband made this giant sling shot for the party.

 These puffy tissue balls cost $6.99 at Party City, so I went to the Dollar Tree and purchased 10 packets of tissue paper and made my own for $10, I was able to make over 30 of those cute tissue balls.
 Glass vases from Walmart with the matching ribbon, bird and candy.
 Gift table: used my son's poster as the backdrop
 Table toppers
 Goodie boxes with piggy banks.
Minnie wreath from the Dollar Tree and shredded paper bag strips.
I was able to find the Angry Bird font for free on the web, so I made this banner with all sorts of little birds all over it.

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  1. Welcome back to your blog!!! I've missed you.

    Your Angry Birds party is over the top awesome! I almost did an angry birds party this year as well. If I end up doing one, I'll definitely be coming back here for ideas.


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