Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tony's Birthday Invitations

I was fortunate to meet two wonderful women
this past month. It will be their brother's birthday next
month and they love him so much, that they are hosting a
Surprise Birthday Party for him.

When creating and designing cards for someone, it's usually better for me to get to know the person a little. And of course in this case, I could not meet him prior to making his invitations, I asked his two wonderful sisters and mom to tell me about him and his family. After listening how they described their brother, his passion for family, sports and his love of life itself... I wished he was my brother too!!!!

They were kind enough to send me pictures of him and his family and as I designed these cards, I had his pictures up on my laptop for inspiration. I hope that his essence is captured in this invite. BTW... did you notice that the invite says "Rick"?... I also made a decoy invite, so he thinks he will be going to "Rick's" party and infact it will be his!!! LOVE IT!!!
Tony... if you ever see this post... (which you'll probably NEVER be caught on a website about scrapbooking) but just in case? Your sisters speak the world of you, their love for you as a brother, father, husband and friend is very clear. Embrace your special night, you deserve it!!!
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