Monday, July 26, 2010

Tonights Quote

Henry Ford once said, "My best friends are those who bring out the best in me..."
Ruth Betancourt
Ismael Betancout
Eddie Vazquez
Lori Maynard
Julie Piper
Beth Withrow
Sonya Pinkerton
Carmella Gonzalez
Claudia Velazquez
Gail Vought
Dawn Heuft
Monique Mitchell
Penny Mitchell
Kyna Lunglhofer
Luisa Morgan
Maria Armas
Maggie Galaz
Sonia Laurel
Adan Aguilera
Alma Sanchez
Helga Andrade


  1. Is an honor to be in your list. I see a friend in common! It is so easy for you to have so many friends, since you are so nice and fun...

  2. I am truly honored!!! Great job on all the blog posts lately. You're on fire.


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