Friday, July 30, 2010

Origami Boxes Tutorial

These little boxes are so easy to make and you can decorate them for any occasion by simply changing paper colors and embellishments.   Below is the tutorial on how to make these adorable little boxes, I will soon post the PDF. file for your convenience.
I started with a 12 x 12 paper and cut to 11 7/8" and 8 3/4"
With the 8 3/4" side across the top, place the left side of the cardstock on the 3" mark and score all the way down.  Flip cardstock over and score the other side at 3" too.  The middle section should be 2 7/8".

With the 11 7/8" across the top, from the left side measure to 1 1/2" and score all the way down, then measure to 4 1/2" and score all the way down.  Flip the cardstock and do the same to the other side.
With the 11 7/8" across the top, measure to 2 1/2" from the left of card-stock and cut vertically to the 3" horizontal scored line, do this for all four corners.
You will need to form a "T" with the cut line, so cut the horizontal scored line at the base of the 2 1/2" line.
Your paper should look like this after cutting.
Turn card-stock over and start folding up towards you on all the scored lines.  With permanent adhesive, adhere the center to create the box by over lapping the sections.
Bring in the sides of  the card-stock and adhere to form the lids of the box.
Ces't Voila!  You should have a 3" box ready for decorating.
Believe it or not, but I actually used these little boxes as gift wrap for baby shower presents.  
I put a baby outfit in each box!!!

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