Saturday, August 21, 2010

Cork Board for Victoria

My 9 year old save just about everything... I find stickers, pictures, paper drawings, notes and so many little things she likes to save, that it drives me wild to see them all spread around her desk.  So today, I went to Walmart and purchased a cork board so she can put everything she has spread on her desk onto the board.  But of course I had to decorate it a little!
Normally, I would add so many more embellishments, however, all her little pictures and keepsakes would be lost in the board if I did go "ALL" out on her board.  SOOOO, as hard as it is for me to streamline it, I will do it for my daughters sake.  Plus, she is more of a simplistic person and doesn't like over embellishing her items.  As she tells me every time I try to decorate her room...
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