Wednesday, November 3, 2010

My Little Ones in Halloween Costumes

O.K.!!!! How C.U.T.E is this little Mario? My son Hunter looked so cute, people stopped their tracks to comment on how much he looked like the Mario from the games. Of course he loved all the attention and acted sillier!
Nathan, was a character from Avatar, but he did not like the feeling of the mask and he couldn't see very well out of the holes for the eyes, so we opted for a semi blue face. Here he is with a friend of ours Perla, at her haunted house.
Victoria had a hard time with her vampire teeth, but she insisted that they completed the outfit. So in all her pictures, she looks like she has a big gum ball in her mouth...

Another Halloween came and gone... Now let's get ready for the Holidays!!!!!
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  2. That's pretty funny about the vampire teeth LOL. If she ever wants to be a vampire again you could check out Love Bites. You need to set them up at least the day before, but they look pretty authentic. You can find them here:


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