Wednesday, January 19, 2011

$50 Cricut Machine!!!

Hi Everyone,

I received a message from one of my customers this morning stating that there are $50 Cricut machines at our local Ralphs stores.  After I hung the phone up I rushed tocheck it out!!!  
I walked the whole store and NOTHING... after standing there for a few minutes, I found the "Customer Service" representative and inquired about the machines.  He thought about it for a little bit and then he asked me, "You mean there is a machine shaped like a cricket?????"  After I stopped laughing, I showed him a picture of it and he went to check with his manager.  I saw that the people in the little office laughed at something he said.  (Poor guy)  
He came out and told me that they are being kept on top of the refrigerated isles.  I looked up and ALAS!!!
There they were all lined up with their little yellow sign that showed the original price of $149.99 and now on sale for $50.  HOORAY!!!

So call your local Ralphs and get yourself a back up Cricut, you never know....

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  1. lol! What a great deal and fun advernture! Thanks for buying one for me. See you Saturday!


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