Friday, January 28, 2011

My Darling Husband

Hi Everyone!
I want to share with you this picture of the Christmas present my darling husband gave to me...
Yep!  You guessed it... It's a photo studio in a box.  LOL!  My husband travels a lot for work and he just happened to be flipping through the "Sky Mall" magazine and saw this handy dandy "photo studio in a bag" kit and thought of me.  I used to use so many different things for props, take thousands of pictures to get the "Just Perfect" photo.  Well not any more!  But here is the kicker!  He ordered the BIG kit and it takes up half my work room when I set it up.  The white box takes two people to put away in its holder and now when I have to take a picture... I think about it twice. LOL!!! 

But I love it and I love my honey for this very thoughtful gift.


  1. Your hubby is adorable! What a nice touch from him to give you something that you need and will enjoy that much...
    Guess you need to plan "photo shooting" sessions to take advantage of the set-up...

  2. Haha! I totally know what you mean about the set-up. LOL, but it is sooo worth it. The pictures come out so much better. I had a small 12x12 one like the one in the picture, but I couldn't take photos of my 12x12 layouts inside of it... so I just upgraded to a 16x16 cube one that I absolutely love! Depending on your light situation you might not have to set up the lights. Or try it outside in the daylight!


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