Monday, August 1, 2011

Convention Swaps & Gifts

Thank you for all the wonderful comments and emails regarding my  last post.  It's wonderful to feel and read all the support.  
"Thank You!"
I thought that I had posted this, but now looking back, I realized that I had not. The bottom picture is a pin that I made for the convention "Card Swaps". As you can see... It's not a card. Let me explain please.
During last years convention, we took a group picture that I wanted to put in a frame that had some kind of logo, or something that reflected the convention in Washington. Well this year, I decided to make my own. YEP!

After you are done wearing your pin on your lanyard during convention, you simply remove the little post in the back and glue it to a picture frame! and VOILA!!!! Instant "When You Wish" convention souvenir.

I must explain that only my closes and dearest received both the frame and the pin. And only my "Besty's" received the pins with the blinged out Mickey. I found those darling Mickey's in Tijuana, during a dentist visit, for only $0.50, can you believe it. Of course I bought them all. hee-hee.

To make this little logo you will need:

-Black Card stock for the medallion
-White card stock for the image
-Sky blue card stock for the cloud
-Avery address labels (go to to print custom labels)
- D1425 "Thrill Ride" Stamp set
-D1426 "Over the Rainbow" Stamp set
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  1. $.50 for the blinged out Mickey??? What a steal!!! :-)

  2. you are amazing Corina!!! I know everyone that got a pin will cherish it and the memories they made with you at convention!!!!!
    Love ya girl,

  3. That is so cute! And thanks for sharing the "recipe" for how you made it. :)

    And I wanted to thank you for your blog post, the other day. I read through it and decided that I could take 2 nights off in a row to spend with my family and the world wouldn't stop turning. Hope everything goes well for you, and thanks for adding me to your FB group. :)


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